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Price: $50
Storage: 1000GB
CPU: 8 Cores x 2.4GHz
Bandwidth: Unlimited

Finding a Great Dedicated Server at Hosting Watcher

Hosting Watcher is a brilliant place to start on your journey towards choosing the best web hosting package for you and your website. From Free or Cheap Web Hosting through to powerful Dedicated Hosting, we have something to suit all sizes of business.

Find out more about dedicated server hosting and where you can find the best service with our detailed comparison today.

Compare Top Dedicated Server Hosts

Dedicated hosting is a big investment. Make sure you make the right decision by comparing the top providers here at Hosting Watcher today. We picked our top 4 to give you an insight into what you can get with a dedicated server hosting package.

#2: NameCheap

Monthly Starting Price


Storage: 240GB
CPU: 4 Cores x 8 Threads x 3.4 GHz
Bandwidth: 10TB
Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days

NameCheap manage to yet again get into second place with some great prices on Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Servers. With a fully customisable package, you can ensure that your business is priority with your own server and operating systems. Find out more about their deals over on the NameCheap website.

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#3: HostGator

Monthly Starting Price


Storage: 1TB
CPU: 4 Cores x 8 Threads
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Money Back Guarantee: 45 Days

In a very respectable third place, HostGator can provide high-quality Dedicated Hosting on one of their dedicated physical servers. With their signature 45 days money back guarantee, this is a great way to discover the potential for your business on such a powerful hosting service.

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#4: GoDaddy

Monthly Starting Price


Storage: 1TB
CPU: 4 Cores x 3.1GHz
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

In fourth place, but of course still on our list as one of the top Dedicated Hosting providers, is HostGator. With their large amount of storage and a powerful CPU package, you can find a Dedicated Server plan that will work for your company. Check out the rest of their packages over on their site.

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Why Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

When it comes to dedicated servers, you are receiving the highest quality possible from a web host. Even then, you can still find reasonably priced deals which will give you the most powerful website the internet has to offer. However, what does dedicated web hosting even get you? Here are some of the top benefits of investing in cheap dedicated server hosting.


Due to your website having an entire physical server all to itself, there are no other sites to compete with when it comes to performance. This means your website will have the fastest load times and speedy network connections.


The lack of competition is truly the biggest benefit of dedicated server hosting. Even with VPS hosting, you still do need to share a physical device, which has potential to lead to problems for businesses sharing the space. With dedicated hosting, you truly have no competition, for uptime, storage or any other facilities.

Operating System

As the server is individual to you and your website, you can choose the operating system you would like to run. From Windows to Linux, there are various options for you to pick from.


With a dedicated server, you have the most amount of freedom in comparison to other web hosting plans. You have the freedom to expand your website as you see fit, and can run any application you want- which you may not be able to do on shared web hosting or other cheap web hosting plans.


A dedicated server is also one of the most secure options you can choose. The physical hardware will be protected at a data center with fire and disaster protection installed, and you can lock down your hardware in the event of a cyber-security threat. For large companies or those who handle sensitive data, this can be an essential part of a web hosting package.

Managed VS Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

There is one downside of dedicated hosting, and that is that it can be very technical to manage. Most great web hosting providers will provide a managed service which will provide you with a control panel to more easily adapt and personalise your hosting experience. However, some dedicated hosting packages are cheaper because they are unmanaged.

Managed Dedicated Server

With a managed dedicated server, not only will you most likely have access to a control panel, but your web host will more than likely carry out maintenance and monitoring to ensure your website will not experience any disruption or security breaches. Some hosting providers will even offer regular backups to ensure your data is never lost.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

With an unmanaged plan you will receive less support than you would with a managed service. You will also probably not have access to a control panel. This means unmanaged hosting plans should be reserved  for service administrators or individuals who really know what they are doing when it comes to the technical aspects of the web hosting package.

Which Hosting Plan is Right For You?

It can be a touch overwhelming trying to find the right web hosting provider for your website. There are so many options on the market that you can get bogged down in the details.

We’ve separated the four types of best web hosting packages that you can get today, and compared our top providers for you. Hopefully this can provide some clarity on your next steps towards choosing a new web host today.

How Do I Choose a Web Host?

Before you buckle in, make sure to compare all of the cheap web hosting options we’ve provided for you here at Hosting Watcher. For many businesses, there may be a cheaper option that’s perfect for your company!