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Need some help finding the best free webhosting providers for your new site? It can be a challenge to muddle through the different options when it comes to website hosting. It's important to build comparisons between the four options: free web hosting, cheap website hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

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International Web Hosting

Getting a quality deal for your web hosting when creating a new site is absolutely essential. Free web hosting can be a fantastic option for businesses looking to test the water online before diving in at the deep end. However, it can be difficult to sort the high-quality free website hosting providers from their peers. Often, it can be better to opt for cheap web hosting, with a small outlay producing huge results.

The right free webhosting package will vary completely from one business to another, so you need to take into account a few different factors before making your final decision. Hosting Watcher wants to make sure you make the right choice with some detailed background into free webhosting and the best suppliers.

Best Free Website Hosting

Are you on the market for brilliant, free web hosting for your business? You’ll need to look into what your website will need before opting for free website hosting as there may be some limitations when it comes to design and content. However, many free web hosting providers are quite flexible, and even generous when it comes to what they provide, so it’s worth spending a little time investigating. If you can’t find the right deal for you with free webhosting, why not try Cheap Web Hosting instead?


It’s worth thinking about how much storage you will need for your new site, as the storage limits from different free webhosting providers can vary greatly. Some offer as little as X and other offer as much as X. Choose the option that is right for you and your business when it comes to storage space.


The domain you use for your website will have a big impact on how users view and recognise your brand. Some web hosting providers will give you a free hosted subdomain, and others may provide you with a free domain name for one year. Something to consider if your focus is brand awareness.


Bandwidth is another factor which can sometimes be limiting for companies looking to see growth and an increase in traffic on their website. While some companies will offer unlimited bandwidth, others limit their free web hosting customers to a certain amount per month.

Website Builder

If you are looking for free website hosting, you may also be looking to design a new website from scratch. If this is the case then you should look into the website builder which is installed. Some are far more beginner-friendly than others so should be taken into account if you’re building the website yourself.


Are you going to be using your site to sell goods and products? Then you need to ensure that your hosting provider can support eCommerce on your site. Again, the levels of provision for eCommerce sites is limited so this should help to narrow down your choice of suppliers.


Need an email to put on your business cards and want to use in tandem with your new website? Some free hosting providers will include an email address in your package, and as with everything, this provision will vary across all suppliers.

Free Web Hosting

There are loads of free web hosting options on the market today. However, it may not always be the best option for your business. Here is the lowdown on what you could get when you sign up with a free website hosting provider.
Free Web Hosting
Resources Limited, as you are a low priority and may find yourself with poorer performance.
Performance Due to the above point, free hosted websites could experience downtime.
Support With a free site, there is often little support.
Renewal Cost Although your hosting may be free at the beginning, often you may have to pay when you renew.
Storage Storage is limited on free hosted sites, which can hamper your content and size of website.
Domain Often, you may need to opt for a subdomain which contains the host’s brand name also.
Ads Many free hosted sites will contain multiple ads, over which you may have no control.
SERPs When it comes to ranking in search engines, free web hosted sites often fall short.

Cheap Web Hosting

If you're looking to get a great website that looks good and works well, Cheap Web Hosting can be a great place to start. We've compared some of the top providers, but here's what you can expect to receive with a cheap web hosting package.
Cheap Web Hosting
Resources Most cheap web hosting used shared servers so resources are divided evenly among sites.
Performance Cheap web hosting can mean better performance as sites are more regularly monitored.
Support As you are a paying customer, there are value added services which often includes 24/7 support.
Renewal Cost There may be discounted deals for new clients on web hosting services, however often the cheap hosting price will continue.
Storage Although storage may still be limited if you are planning a large and complex website, it is substantial in comparison to free web hosting.
Domain With any paid plan for cheap web hosting, a free domain name is often included. Sometimes you can create more than 1 website.
Ads Paid plans ensure that your websites are ad free, or you can control how your site is monetized.
SERPs Cheap web hosting tends to result in better rankings on search engines.

VPS Hosting

For businesses who want something a bit more powerful, VPS Hosting can provide a bit more than free web hosting or cheap hosting might be able to. What can VPS web hosting give you? Find out in the table below.
VPS Hosting
Resources VPS hosting is similar to Dedicated Hosting in that you have control over all resources on the virtual server.
Performance As all resources are dedicated to you, your website will experience the best uptime and fast performance.
Support VPS Hosting has one of the best levels of customer support.
Renewal Cost With VPS Hosting, there also may be discounts for new clients. However the cost will rise significantly after introductory period.
Storage As it is hosted virtually, VPS hosted websites have a significant amount of storage.
Domain With VPS Hosting, you can often have an unlimited amount of websites.
Ads VPS hosted websites are ad-free.
SERPs VPS hosted websites can have great results when it comes to search engine rankings.

Dedicated Hosting

For businesses who are anticipating a high amount of website visitors, a free web host probably isn't going to be able to manage the spikes in traffic and your website could crash or experience difficulties. For these businesses, we've looked into what you can get from Dedicated Hosting providers.
Dedicated Hosting
Resources With Dedicated hosting, you lease the entire server so all resources are utilised directly by your business’ website.
Performance Similar to VPS Hosting, your website will experience the best uptime and fast performance.
Support Dedicated Hosting has brilliant levels of customer support.
Renewal Cost Dedicated Hosting can be quite expensive for businesses, and is best for companies who already have a large amount of traffic and sales and are upgrading.
Storage Companies who opt for Dedicated Hosting have the highest amounts of storage, as they have use of their own physical server.
Domain When it comes to Dedicated Hosting, you can own and control as many websites as you need on your server.
Ads Dedicated hosting clients have ad-free websites.
SERPs Dedicated hosted websites have amazing results when it comes to search engine rankings, provided they have underwent SEO.

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